Tuesday, March 23, 2010


That title sums up everything that's going on in my head right now. PHIL CHAMBLISS IS ON TEH INTERWEBZ!!! I generally try to keep my posts here connected to clothing and food, but this epic news is a necessary exception.
The first time I ever saw any of Chambliss's work was at a screening for the first DVD to accompany the Oxford American Southern film issue. Chambliss's work was included thanks to Derek Jenkins (Derek, where/are you blogging these days?), and, since then, Derek has been the only source I knew of for any of Chambliss's films. Apparently somewhat of a recluse, Chambliss lives in Camden, Arkansas (a 30 minute drive from my own hometown of El Dorado), and his films have been hard to get hold of. Now, as Derek posted on Google Reader earlier today, some of Chambliss's clips have shown up on youtube, courtesy of Chambliss himself.

Keep an eye on this. Phil Chambliss is a genius! I'm hoping to somehow get hold of The Hatchet Man.

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