Monday, March 15, 2010

In the Cubicle, or What Arnold Said

It's a dreary Monday, and our only recourse is to go toward the color. Since we both teach today, the "Danger" in Purity and Danger is basically limited to our accessories (Laine: and our :s #sassmouth). But, first, a tour.

Welcome to our cubicle.

There's "Ursula and the Seven Octopi," commissioned by Laine from the lovely and talented Joëlle...

A foxy picture of the Karmapa with sweet Photoshop action...

Our emergency food stash...

Some inspirational words...

And our mission statement.

Due to the time change, the dreariness, and the general Monday-ness of things, the cubicle is a less happy place than usual. I would characterize my general demeanor today as in keeping with every guttural noise Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever made.

My outfit today is pretty much the sartorial equivalent of the lecture I just gave: colorful, content-wise, and generally coordinated, but definitely not my best.

Shirt: White Stag, hand-me-down
Corduroy Pants: Banana Republic
Socks: Xhilaration
Shoes: Mudd
Necklace: some corner store in Belize

This pose makes me look like I have the feet of a baby goat. Oh well, that's fashionable, right?

This is totally a mom shirt, but I love it anyway. Maybe it's because I got it from my actual mom?

It's this blurry in real life, I swear; it's a hologram!
I got it while I was doing fieldwork in Belize.

Now, dear readers, I must go read this and this, tutor some people, grade a million papers, and construct a PowerPoint about looking for cereal (seriously--more to follow). You know what they say...

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