Monday, May 24, 2010

The End (LOST Spoilers Ahead)

I didn't start watching LOST until we had an ice storm about a year and a half ago and I had nothing else to do. I raced through the first season and immediately started watching season five with my friends and filled in the gaps as quickly as possible in what spare time I had. Since then, LOST night has been an institution that usually involves a lot of heckling and homemade snack foods. Even though basically everyone in the free world (except for Shaun) agrees that the show has not achieved its former greatness in several years, the social traditions we've built around LOST have kept us watching. As you might expect, last night's two-and-a-half-hour series finale was a pretty big deal.

Now it seems like the whole internet is in an argument between people who love the finale, people who h8 the finale, and people who are flailing their arms around going, "WHAT? I DON'T UNDERSTAND!" For me, all the finale proved was that Unitarians have a lot more patience for these angsty bitches than I do. It was like being hit in the face with a stained glass version of this:

and THEN being forced to endure Matthew Fox's crying face (© Claire Danes, 1994).

This wasn't SO surprising, but let's be real: LOST is totally Catholic. But not in the know-your-catechism, pious kind of way. (Mr. Eko was a testament to that.) It's Catholic in the drunk-on-guilt-and-maybe-liquor, apologetic kind of way, the kind of way that makes you hope it's Purgatory and continues to intrigue you even though you can't really explain why. And the details! There's so many that they could NEVER all be explained, and frankly, a lot of people prefer it that way.


So, I'm okay with the ending. I didn't love it, but let's face it, it could have been MUCH worse. If I had had my way, it would have ended like this:

And then Hurley and Lapidus would get high and laugh for two hours.
And then Ben would say something extra creepy:

Instead, it ended up being like this:

My sixth-grade self was VERY surprised.

I hate Jack and Kate so much. SO MUCH.

Anyway, we had snacks. Fish biscuits, fruit salsa and chocolate cake, all on white octagon Dharma-esque plates. Admittedly, the "fish biscuits" were more like this than this, but I love cheesy snack crackers, damn it.

The salsa is one of my favorites, too.

1/3 pineapple
1 large mango
1 orange
1/3 red onion
a LOT of cilantro
1/2 tsp Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Pulp HabaƱero Hot Sauce
(if you can't get Marie Sharp's, substitute regular habanero sauce and extra citrus)

The cake was dedicated to our LOSTbros' H8K8 Consortium, which is one of the most fun aspects of our group viewings. It bears repeating, however, that Evangeline Lilly, before playing Kate, starred in quite a few Live Links commercials.

To commemorate her acting history (because she has such a good acting face), I made this:

I relied heavily on fondant here, because I H8 it almost as much as I H8K8.

Anyway, here is the whole spread:

Here is Amy B displaying her intense K8H8:

And here's what I was wearing:

Dress: Carole Little Petites (part of an uber-90s skirt set stolen from Mom)
Glitter belt: Found it...

Earrings: Vintage, inherited from Great-Grandma Irene

Shoes: Antonio Melani



  1. I hate Kate too. I didn't hate the finale, but I found myself saying after it was all done, "Whatever, this show is stupid." Tonight, when I watch the series finale of 24, I'm sure that I will be yelling and screaming at the tv. Jack Bauer is going to go out with all guns blazing. I would have much preferred that the island sunk into the ocean than watching a bunch of dead people(by the way, when did these people die? how is it that all of there flash sideways were connected? that bullshit about there is no time there was crap, b/c there obviously was) say hello to one another.

  2. glitter belt: FOUND IT!
    something about this is lulz